Food to be with you within 15 minutes from ordering

Monday to Friday 12pm – 4.45pm

Saturday to Sunday 12pm – 2pm

Express Lunch Options | £9.95!

Homemade Pizza Bianca

Pizza Base topped with garlic butter, homemade pesto and mozzarella topped with chicken and fresh tomato. (can be served without chicken for vegetarians)

Portuguese Prego Sandwich

Hot bolo be caco bread filled with slices of steak and Portuguese cheese and homemade chips

Linguine Bolognese

Mince beef cooked in full bodied red wine that’s infused in tomato bolognese sauce

Rigetoni Quattro Formaggi

Pasta served in a creamy, dolcelatte and mixed cheese sauce

Anti Pasto Mia Porto Due

Finest fresh parma ham and salami, thinly sliced with fresh mozzarella, Portuguese cheese served with sweet chilli jam, fresh olives & traditional madeira bread


Fresh bread £3.00

Garlic bread and butter £3.00

Garlic bread and cheese £3.75

Olives £2.75

Chips £2.50


Please ask for dessert menu

Kids Meals | £9.50

Kids under 12 Main Course and Soft Drink

Pizza Bambino

Small pizza with tomato and cheese with 1 topping


Homemade super star chicken nuggets with chips

Cheesy Pasta

Run faster cheesy pasta and garlic bread


Chips £1.50

Garlic bread £1.25

Garlic bread with cheese £1.95

Mixed vegetables of the day £2.95

If you have any form of allergy, please let your waiter know. An optional 10% service charge will be added to your bill